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Tony Benton - owner of Owl Driving School

If you’re looking for driving lessons in Goole, Selby and the surrounding area (or if you’re already taking them but aren’t happy with your current insstructor) then why not join a driving school that is totally focused on Customer Success where you will benefit from the latest and proven teaching methods.

But don’t take my word for it , read the comments of over 30 of our customers after taking their driving lessons with us. Your driving lessons will be relaxed, enjoyable and fun but at the same time stimulating and challenging, each lesson will be structured around what you want and need to achieve.

We are proud of the amount of positive Customer Reviews that we receive praising our teaching methods. Many people think that all driving instructors are the same! This could be a massive mistake that could mean it takes you longer to pass and costs you much more money.

If you are currently learning to drive do you have a very clear objective at the beginning of the lessons of what you want to achieve? Or do you just drive around aimlessy, almost learning by boredom? If you don’t have a very clear objective at the beginning of each lesson then how can you possibly know what is expected of you during the driving lesson?

You are more than welcome to join us here at Owl Driving School where you can join many other local students whohave passed their driving tests with us.

I wish you happy and successful driving , best wishes from all the team here at Owl Driving School.

By Tony Benton, Driving School Owner and Instructor.

The 8 Steps of Success to a First Time Pass


1. Take regular lessons, weekly if possible. Also 2 hour lessons are much better value than 1 hour lessons in the long run. By the time you’ve discussed what you did last time, decided what to do today and driven to a suitable area, 20 minutes of your lesson might have gone! If money or time is tight, then a 2 hour lesson every other week is much better than an hour lesson every week.


2.  Be prepared for your driving lesson. Make the most of your driving lesson, it’s your driving lesson! Be ready and mentally prepared for each lesson and you’ll learn quicker.


3. Your driving lesson should begin with a recap of your previous lesson. Your driving instructor should ask you questions to confirm your knowledge and understanding of what you’ve previously learnt. This helps reinforce learning and often leads into what needs to be learnt next.


4. The lesson’s objective. WIthout setting a firm objective at the start of the lesson learning time will be increased! More lessons = more money! Don’t put up with just driving around aimlessy, it’s a waste of your time and your money.


5. There should be a structure both to your driving lesson, and your course of driving lessons. Starting with the simple things, and building, at a pace you’re happy with, into the more complex driving tasks.


6. Summary of your driving lesson. At the end of the lesson your driving instructor should summarise, recap and check your knowledge. This will help strengthen the retention of the skills you’ve just learnt.


7. Self-evaluate and self-reflect. Only you know what’s happening inside your head! Do you feel ready for your test? Are you still making basic errors? Do you feel confident? Be honest with yourself! Taking your test before you feel ready will just make you feel more anxious and more likely to fail. Feeling ready and being confident will go a long way to beating those dreaded test nerves on the big day.


8. Listen to the advice of your driving instructor and ask lots of questions. Your driving instructor has done this before, he can help you if you let him! You’re paying for professional advice so use it! Anything you’re unsure of, anything you want to know…ask! There are no stupid questions. Want to know why there’s a picture of a pirate here? Ask!

We believe in a customer success approach to learning to drive as this will maximise your chances of a first time pass.

When you take driving lessons with Owl Driving School you won’t be doing any of the ‘driving around aimlessy’ or ‘sitting at the side of the road listening to lectures’ lessons that you may have experienced with other driving instructors. Each lesson will have an agreed objective and pace of your progress will be driven by you.

It may be that we set a number of objectives on a particular lesson. We call these lesson chunks and they can be anything from a few minutes to the whole lesson, depending on how much time you think you need to meet your objective for that driving lesson chunk. Of course things are flexible and we can extend and revisit a particular driving lesson chunk as and when needed.

If you are thinking of learning to drive or you are already taking driving lessons but becoming frustrated, now is your chance to join a driving school that is very much focused on customer success and practices the latest and proven teaching methods. Learning to drive should be an enjoyable and straight forward process when following a structured course of lessons.

Don’t just take our word for it, read 30+ customer reviews to see what customers have to say after taking their driving lessons.

Visit our main website now and bring that full licence a massive step closer.